Survival Bush Point

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Please allow 2-6 weeks for delievery of this made to order knife
This Knife is designed by Wayne Russell (Check him out on Youtube).
This knife features a Ferro rod notch large enough for up to a half inch ferro rod, enough heft to chop reliably, yet is able to be used for smaller whittling tasks.
The handles can be removed in the field to convert the knife into a spear point, as a spear it is intended for stabbing and/or slashing to defend one's self from predators (but not Predator) , and food collection, it is not intended to be thrown. 

The knife comes in a Kydex sheath with paracord. We can substitute a leather sheath at no additional cost, or add a leather sheath for $15.
The Kydex sheath has an integrated drain hole allowing the sheath to be used as an improvised emergency water filter. To use the sheath in that capacity simply stuff in some grass, then charcoal if you have it, some sand and some more grass before pouring water through the sheath. The more layers the better. This will not protect you from certain waterborne contaminants but when you are in a pinch, some water purification is better than no water purification.


Overall length: 12"/ 30.5cm

Blade length: 6.25" / 16cm

weight: 11oz/311g

Blade thickness .187"/ 4.75mm


Keep in mind this is a handmade tool and variations do occur.

See an overview of the knife by KullCraven HERE
See KullCraven make the SBP into a spear and harvesting tool HERE