Bulls-Eye Bucket Forge FACTs Kit

Bulls-Eye Bucket Forge FACTs Kit

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This Kit comes with the Four hardest blacksmith tools to get your hands on, Forge, an Anvil, Clamp plate (to stand in for a vise) and a set of Tongs.
While the anvil is what many blacksmiths would call an “anvil shaped object (ASO)” it will suffice until you have the chance to procure a “real” anvil. The forge kit, while tiny, is ideal for small tools and decorative work, knives, chisels, drawer pulls, latches, even a rose if you are so inclined. The kit is only limited by your imagination.

Do you have limited space? Live in an apartment, on a boat, in a college dorm? Then this is perfect for you, everything you need will fit into a five gallon bucket, making it easy to transport, forge in the park, parking lot, maybe even your apartment (we don’t actually recommend that last one)
Some additional tools will be needed to get started:

A hammer, in a pinch a claw hammer will suffice till you can get a “proper” blacksmith hammer; we recommend a cross peen hammer AND a ballpeen hammer.

Locking pliers (such as vise-grip™)

Leather Gloves

Safety Glasses

Fire Extinguisher

1 or 20 pound tank of propane

Quench Bucket (5 gallons is good for storing the forge in too!)