What is A36Carb?

At Reptile Toolworks we produce the toughest knives, with the sharpest edges, that we can manufacture. To accomplish this goal we reached back into history and set out to duplicate the characteristics of the venerable Samurai sword. With our hard layers, tough layers, specific bevels and angles, we are pleased with our product, and hope that you will be as well.

We begin with tough A36 Steel, which we forge and grind. The blade is then sent for a state of the art heat treatment which, over a period of twelve hours, produces a deep layer of high carbon tool steel that forms an incredible cutting edge while retaining extreme core toughness.

Like Makuri Steel


Makuri Steel is characterized by having a hard exterior layer, and a softer tougher core, the Makuri image shows the difference in hardness.

Hollow Ground

Asymmetrical Grind

A hollow ground profile allows for a thinner, and thus sharper, edge, and also allows the hardened layer to reach further back from the edge, we use a modified hollow grind explained below


Our knives have a modified Asymmetrical grind which serves several purposes, the first being that our knives are able to be sharpened to a scary edge, the second being that a thinner profile gives more hardened material on the edge, and the third being it helps keep the edge in hardened material


Single Bevel Sharpening


A single bevel sharpening will always keep the edge in hardened material.