Blacksmith's Songs of Praise

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 “This is a little song I sing to keep me from getting impatient”  

That is a snippet of a song I’ve heard the Eskimos would sing while fishing and hunting, in the spirit of that I would think and sing to myself while out in the woods. New in my Christian faith I found that I would have faith related thoughts that were turning into song lyrics. I told my wife that the LORD had given me a song, but did not know what to do with it as I am not a musician.
One day a friend introduced me to Jake Harding, when I found out he was a Christian musician I asked for his help. One evening while having dinner at my house he asked what I wanted to do with my songs. I told him I wanted to share them, he laughed, pulled out his guitar and listened as I sang. After singing through twice Jake started playing along as I sang, tailoring his playing as needed, after just a few minutes, I was listening to him sing and play the song, I wept with Joy.
Since then I’ve been working with Jake, he brings the missing parts to the songs. I chose to record the songs with just Jake       and his guitar to keep things simple and raw, it has been a surreal experience, and now I know that God gave a non-musical Blacksmith a song to share with you.