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Overall Length: 8.5
Blade Length: 4.5
Weight:  6 ounces
Blade thickness:  .187 inches
Material: Carbon Steel
Handle:  Upcycled White Oak Whiskey Barrel Stave (Hot Waxed)
Rivets:  Aluminum
Special Features:  Integrated Finger Guard, Full Tang, Spear Point, Ferro Rod Notch
Origin:  Hand Forged in Kentucky, USA


Our knives begin as tough A36 Steel, which are forged and ground. The blade is then sent for a state of the art heat treatment, which, over a period of twelve hours, produces a deep layer of high carbon tool steel that forms an incredible cutting edge (58-59 RC) while retaining extreme core toughness (35 RC).


This edge is Double Hollow Ground.  The grinds/bevels are asymmetrical, designed specifically to produce a thinner modified single bevel cutting tool.  The edge is micro-beveled and ceramic honed.  See sharpening suggestions below.


Your Choice of:
Leather Grunt Sheath:  Full leather sheath, steel stapled, and hot paraffin dipped.  Paracord lacing for multi-carry.  Hand-crafted in USA.
Black Kydex Sheath:  Kydex sheath formed to each individual blade.  Paracord lacing for multi-carry.  Hand-crafted in USA.


The two included sheaths are laced with 550 paracord as can be seen in the photos.  This lacing also forms the belt loops.  Each sheath can be re-laced a variety of ways to switch carry from right draw, left draw, cross draw, scout carry or however you wish to arrange the attachment points.  If you want to change the handedness of the belt loops on the sheaths you receive, simply relace them at home (pay attention to how they are laced when you unlace them).  This paracord lacing allows for a wide variety of carry methods that are only limited by an owner's creativity.  The paracord can also be replaced with another color for a more personalized look.


All carbon steel knives are susceptible to rust.  Our Whiskey Knives are no different.  It is recommended to oil your blade after each use in the field.  Mineral oil works great. You can also use mineral oil to treat and protect the whiskey stave handle scales.  If any rust occurs on the blade while in storage, steel wool can be used to brush it off.  Our included leather grunt sheath has been dipped in hot paraffin wax and the residue from this sheath will also help to protect your carbon steel blade.

The kydex sheath will require no maintenance.  Our leather sheaths will benefit from a biannual treatment with leather conditioner.  Any variety will work well.  We offer a small tin of Saddle Soap and also Mutton Tallow for sale and each of these products work well when treating and protecting leather.


Your knife has an asymmetrical beveled edge (think Samurai sword).  You won't notice it with the naked eye but it is there.  You will achieve the sharpest edge by only sharpening the side of the blade which has my logo stamped. A rod-style diamond or ceramic sharpener works well for this task but many varieties of bench stones will work as well.


Reptile Toolworks offer a lifetime warranty on all Whiskey Knives.  If your knife ever fails you for any reason or if you just decide you don't like it, simply email us and we will either send you a replacement or refund your money.